Providing strategic consulting for individuals and organizations at the intersection of innovation and opportunity. 

Our Mission: To provide workforce development, economic development, and community development solutions that are sustainable, collaborative and impactful.  


 Program Technical Assistance

WSS works with non-profits, employers, education providers, governments, and funders to design and implement workforce and economic development programming that makes an impact.



Planning, Policy,

& Partnerships 

WSS provides planning, facilitation, strategy, and policy solutions for governments, non-profits and other community leaders. 

Research and Data Analysis 

WSS provides clients with research and analysis, including labor market gap analysis, occupational forecasting, economic development and workforce environmental scans, program evaluation, and other analytics, including data visualizations. 

Program Design and Grant Development

WSS provides logic modeling, data collection, cases for support, concept papers, funding scans, and funding applications. 



Indiana Rural Healthcare H-1B Coalition 

WSS facilitated a coalition of 9 Local Workforce Development Boards in designing a program and secure funding to provide training for needed healthcare professionals in rural portions of Indiana, hard-hit by Covid-19. 

"Wells Strategy + Solutions is an important asset to our business by providing strategic and operational counsel about public and private stakeholders concerning workforce development in the industrial sectors. WSS navigates adeptly through Central Indiana’s not-for-profit and state government resources, providing timely and reliable advice, that has resulted in new  partnerships and services for the Purdue MEP Center.  We consider WSS to be valued and trusted business partner." 

L. David Snow, Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership 

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